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Space for new Ideas

"It's a construction project for the future," says Kirsten Hirschmann, Chairwoman of management at Hirschmann Laborgeräte GmbH & Co. KG.

The conference rooms on the upper floor of the new building offer a view over the company premises in Eberstadt. Step by step and building by building, the company has developed successfully since it was established almost 50 years ago. Hirschmann is represented today by top-class laboratory devices in more than 100 countries around the world. Some of the products almost resemble works of art as they are displayed on shelves bathed in subtle white light. In fact, that is exactly what they are. Enormous innovative energy and technical know-how has been invested in each individual laboratory and measuring device made of glass. "We aspire to create high-end products distinguished by their superior quality. The focus is always on the user in this respect," emphasises Kirsten Hirschmann. "Achieving the perfect combination of function and design is a challenge for us, a challenge that distinguishes our products and enhances our competitive position." A strategy that works. Numerous Hirschmann products have already been awarded design prizes.

The new structure, which also bears newly designed lettering, is more than just a further company building for the businesswoman. Three years before the company's 50th anniversary, it also represents continuous development and future growth. "We now have more room for new ideas", she says with delight. The strategy for the future is clearly defined. "We will expand the existing product range further and broaden it into new product fields, while simultaneously focusing clearly on the benefit to the customer. We will also continue to exploit our cooperation with research institutions. This approach has already proved its value in the past."

The space created for new ideas becomes obvious as one takes a tour through the building. Personnel from Product Development and Working Resources Development/Control Technology have already taken up occupancy of their new offices and laboratories on the first floor. The planned expansion of personnel in this area was also not neglected during the course of this move. The conference floor above offers a stylish atmosphere to encourage new concepts in a creative exchange of ideas. Two conference rooms which can accommodate a total of 50 people are provided here for conferences, training seminars and meetings. Both floors, each of which encompasses around 250 square meters, were built in a construction period of only nine months on an existing single-storey building. The building itself was planned to take sustainability criteria into consideration, thus perfectly reflecting the spirit of corporate philosophy. Adding the storeys to an existing building meant that use of green spaces could be avoided. These have been retained as an option for future expansions. Consistent attention was also paid to ecological and ergonomic issues. When it comes to heating and cooling, employing an air-to-air heat pump means that use of fossil fuels can be completely dispensed with. 3x glazing and 18 cm thick thermal insulation perfectly complement energy efficiency. A congenial atmosphere was created on both floors to promote creative and productive work and meetings. A clear design with carefully developed touches such as a dark timber floor creates a modern, yet timeless effect. Perhaps these details will also contribute in future to an atmosphere in which even better ideas can be developed.

About the company:
Hirschmann Laborgeräte was established in 1964 in Gundelsheim, with the enterprise moving to Eberstadt in 1967. Products from Hirschmann can today be encountered in laboratories in more than 100 countries. Our laboratory instruments, glass volumetric measuring devices and precision capillaries are more than just sophisticated high-quality tools for laboratory specialists. Hirschmann develops advanced problem solutions for customers for daily work in the medical laboratory, research and industry. A whole series of products have received accolades for design, ergonomics and environmental friendliness, garnering prizes such as the iF Design Award, the red dot Award or the Blue Angel (Der Blaue Engel). Products have been nominated on several occasions for the German Design Award (Designpreis Deutschland). Awards also include the Focus Open Silver 2009 and Green Good Design 2011.