Hirschmann Laborgeräte GmbH & Co. KG

Hirschmann Laborgeräte GmbH & Co. KG


Environmental management system (UMS)

Principles and objectives
Our environmental management system is based on the requirements pursuant to EMAS and
DIN ISO 14001:2004. It guarantees the adherence of Hirschmann Laborgeräte to environmental protection laws and other regulations while simultaneously supporting the process of continuous improvement in environmental protection. In addition to the actual development of the management system, it aims to ensure the cyclic elements demanded by regulations, such as the establishment of an environmental statement and inspection by an independent appraiser.

The aims of our environmental management system are:

  • the continuous improvement of environmental protection
  • to assure adherence to legal environmental requirements
  • an open information policy
  • the inspection and monitoring of environmentally relevant processes
  • the minimising of environmental effects and associated consequences and
  • to increase the awareness among employees for environmental protection issues

Environmental policy/Guiding principles
Our corporate goal is to bear our environmental responsibility. This includes the obligation to pursue continuous further development of our environmental standard - an obligation shared by management and each individual employee.
This is achieved through innovation and continuous improvement.

Our company pledges to implement the environmental policy, and company product lines such as volumetric glass, laboratory devices and disposable capillaries contribute to this.

The following environmental policy principles apply in this respect:

  • We involve every level of our company in this environmental responsibility
  • We foster a responsible relationship in a spirit of partnership with our customers, suppliers, the authorities and the public
  • We commit ourselves to strengthen the environmental awareness of our employees through regular training seminars and information
  • We commit ourselves to observe pertinent environmental regulations and strive to continuously improve our corporate environmental protection 
  • We commit ourselves to include the environmental ideal and awareness in our products
  • We commit ourselves to regularly examine the effectiveness of the environmental management system and the environmental policy principles, to avoid environmental pollution and to implement corrective measures where necessary

Management herewith puts into force the environmental management manual and all associated documents stipulated therein. The regulations are binding for all employees.