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labopettor macro

Piston lift pipette  


Accuracy through the direct displacement principle - labopettor pipettes are distinguished by maximum precision, regardless of the medium involved. The principle of direct liquid displacement means that practically no residual wetting remains in the unit. Pipetting of liquids characterised by severe fuming and high vapour pressure, highly viscous media and media with an extremely high density also presents no problem. Each unit has five configured volumes. This means that pipetting procedures can be reproduced exactly. Volume selection is quick and easy. This top-class unit can be used repeatedly up to several hundred times and replaced without difficulty if necessary.  


Overview of details:


  • Medium independent
  • Covers the routine range from 1 to 5,000 µL completely
  • Several hundred pipetting procedures possible with a single tip
  • Each unit supplied with an individual serial number and weighing protocol
  • Simple and speedy volume selection
  • Absolutely reproducible results, thanks to fixed configuration stages

Code-No. Description  
9400204 labopettor macro 50 - 250 µl
9400205 labopettor macro 100 - 500 µl
9400206 labopettor macro 0,5 - 2,5 ml
9400207 labopettor macro 1 - 5 ml